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The Teacher's Lounge: Dr. Carol Pippen

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The Teacher’s Lounge eavesdrops on professors from various disciplines at universities across the country to find out what they’re reading when they’re not assigning you 12-page dissertations…due in two weeks.

Dr. Carol Pippen is a professor at Towson University and a scholar on Jane Austen. She supervises the ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) Writing Lab program as well as hosts yearly trips to England for students to retrace the life of Jane Austen.

UL: What is the name of the course you teach?

Dr. Pippen: I teach writing courses and courses on Jane Austen. I sometimes fill in for other teachers; for example, I taught an American literature survey course last semester.

UL: What five books would you absolutely recommend your students or peers read?

Dr. Pippen: I’d recommend all of Jane Austen books (six), Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies, and the poems of Emily Dickinson–those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

UL: where do you shop for books?

Dr. Pippen: I buy books on-line, at college bookstores, and at the Smith College Book Sale each year. I choose books from the ones I hear about from many sources; I check out bookstores; and I read Bookmark magazine. I love mysteries too.

UL: What books are currently on your personal bookshelf?

Dr. Pippen: Currently, I am pushing Jane Austen and Lee Smith.

UL: Do you have a favorite quote from a book or author that you often refer to?

Dr. Pippen: I remember Dickinson’s poetry more than I do lines from novels.

UL: As a scholar whose profession involves constantly reading to analyze works, what motivates you to read on your own free time? Inspiration? Catharsis? Relaxation? For Knowledge?

Dr. Pippen: I read for all the reasons you listed. I read different books for different reasons. I also read to escape and to have travels while being at home.

–Nicole Crowder


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October 15, 2009 at 5:10 am

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