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Hedes & Dekes: Cover Story

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We all judge books by their cover; admit it, you know you’ve done it. And it is OK, even if your fourth grade teacher told you otherwise. It is only natural to grab the book with the cover that best suits your personal taste when -for example- you find two versions of the book you wanted to check out at the library. Book publishers know this, and a whole lot of marketing strategies go into cover designs, as C. Max Magee writes in the online Magazine The Millions. Magee picked a sample of books from The Rooster 2010 Tournament of Books shortlist, and compared the US covers with the UK version of the same tittle.

However, you don’t have to cross the ocean (or pay the extra shipping) to get a different cover for your favorite book; when it comes to classics and world wide bestsellers, sometimes the same publisher will put out different covers for one book. Here are three versions from the same publisher, Penguin Books Ltd. The first book was recently reviewed in our Voices section.

Which cover would you take?

-Silvia Viñas

Photos: Bookstore.co.uk


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March 6, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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